Immigrants Vote!

June 12th, 2018

Since 1998 the Immigrants Vote! Campaign (IVC) has registered more than 400,000 voters and engaged 1.1 million voters. Our dramatically expanded 2017 Campaign aims to support immigrants across NYC through increased civic participation and voter turnout. We will register 20,000 new voters, engage 40,000 voters, coordinate a Get-Out-the-Vote effort leading up to the NYC municipal elections, and have added a new crucial research component which will assess the immigrant voter landscape to maximize voter turnout on election day.

The expanded IVC will focus on NYC and surrounding counties, with the goals of maximizing turnout with new American voters through intensive efforts around voter education, registration, and GOTV outreach.

We will hold community voter educational forums and create informational “toolkits” to build awareness around crucial issues affecting immigrant communities, educate community members about civic processes that have been made inaccessible to immigrant communities, and will conduct phone and door passes, mailings, and SMS outreach to ensure voters receive adequate information on elections and produce a large voter turnout. This year, we will form a new partnership with CUNY Graduate Center to research immigrant voting patterns in NYC, focusing on political affiliation and outreach impact on voter turnout. This study will determine the correlation between voter contact and voter turnout on election day and will bolster our efforts ahead of key federal and state elections in 2018 as well.

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